Why adopt a boxer?

Marley Jenna 400x267From the minute they are born to their senior years, boxers remain exuberant and have a zest for life like no other breed. They are playful and full of fun. They are the most entertaining of breeds and will never fail to make you smile.

So why adopt a Boxer?

It’s simple. Money will buy you a pretty good puppy but it won’t buy the wag of a Boxer Welfare Scotland’s dog’s tail.

Boxers end up in our care for numerous reasons but never through any fault of their own. More often than not it’s due to changes in a family’s circumstances, work commitments or sadly because their owners didn’t appreciate what a boxer required of them.

Unfortunately, we have rescued dogs from puppy farms, both the puppies themselves and the poor weak mothers who are constantly bred often within an inch of their lives. In some cases, our boxers have been so badly neglected or abused it becomes incomprehensible how anyone could treat a dog with such vile intent.

At Boxer Welfare our passion for this breed is what gives us the drive and the determination to find all the dogs in our care the very best home where they can live out their lives in the safe knowledge that they will be loved and cared for. Each of our adopted families’ lives has been enriched beyond measure because of the love of our dogs. As well as having a new family member you will have the feeling that you did something special by giving a boxer a second chance and the life they were always meant to have.

We guarantee that you will be adopted by the most irrepressible of clowns, the most intuitive of comforters, the most selfless of companions. These are unmistakably the characteristics of a boxer.

Living with a boxer is an odyssey, full of adventure and fun. Such a journey requires that the human involved take complete responsibility for the welfare of the one creature on earth who will never offer criticism, never complain, and always stand ready to serve and protect.

To never have owned or been part of a boxer’s life means you have never had the sheer joy and love that only this breed can deliver. If it’s not a boxer it’s just a dog!!

A boxer will make you laugh; he will make you cry; he will try your patience; he will outwit you when he can. And he will love you with an intensity that will surprise and amaze you...

The bond between a boxer and his family is really no less than a remarkable, caring, and totally committed love affair. If the boxer didn’t exist, we would have to invent one.

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