Here at Boxer Welfare Scotland, we cannot stress the importance of ensuring your pet has a microchip which is up to date with your correct contact details. Not only is it a legal requirement that your pet wears a collar and identity tag, but it is now also a requirement that your dog is microchipped. By microchipping your pet you can be safe in the knowledge that you have done everything in your power to ensure that if they get lost or stray and are found without a collar and tag, they can scanned, identified and returned home safely.

What Is Microchipping?

The microchip is a small device about the size of a grain of rice. Each microchip contains a unique number which links to the owner’s details and which is stored on a national database. The microchip is inserted under the skin in the shoulder area of the pet during a quick and simple painless procedure much like an injection. To read the Microchip number a scanner is simple passed over the area where the chip was inserted. There are no negative side effects of having your pet chipped.


If your pet wanders off and is then handed into a dog shelter, vets or police station they will be scanned and if microchipped they will have your contact details within minutes and you will be quickly reunited with your pet. Also in a world where theft of pedigree dogs is becoming ever more common, you will always have proof that the dog belongs to you. If your dog were to be stolen and was not microchipped, it would be very hard to prove that you are the owner. A microchip can’t be removed and will always be there as a sign of your ownership.

You can expect to pay £25 – £35 to have your dog microchipped at the vet. Boxer Welfare Scotland microchips all dogs that come into our care before they are rehomed; some of our volunteers are trained and are able to insert microchips themselves.