At Boxer Welfare Scotland, our volunteers are the backbone of the charity; without them we simply wouldn’t be able to do the work we what we do!! Alongside our trustees and committee members, our volunteers help in every aspect of Boxer Welfare Scotland’s day to day work from answering phones and dealing with enquiries to fostering dogs and carrying out home checks to arranging fundraising events. Our volunteers are spread across the whole of Scotland and some even further afield!

Our volunteers find being part of the BWS family a rewarding experience with most people finding really good friends through Boxer Welfare Scotland. After all, who better to share all our boxer stories with than other boxer lovers?! You can’t imagine how good it feels when a boxer you have been involved with finds their forever home with a loving family. Knowing that you have been part of that is just so special!! That said, at times it really is hard being part of a dog rescue, sometimes heart breaking. Every time we come across a case of neglect or someone’s indifference to a boxer they no longer want, it really affects all our volunteers, even those that never meet the dog. Thankfully, in the vast majority of cases we are able to find them happy ‘forever homes’ with the help of our wonderful volunteers.

What could I do as a volunteer

Here are some of the things our volunteers do for Boxer Welfare Scotland:

Home Checks

Our volunteers carry out home checks for all potential adopters. These are friendly visits to have a chat about the adoption process and see the surroundings in which our BWS dogs will be living.


The best bit of being involved in BWS! This is when our volunteers meet the family wanting to adopt along with the dog looking for a home. They all go for a walk to see how everyone takes to each other and, if all goes well, they will be waving good bye to another four legged friend going off to their forever home!

Vet Checks

Our volunteers take the boxers in our care to the vet for a health check and to see if they need any treatment.

Collecting Dogs

This is where our volunteers meet with the people who can no longer care for their boxer to take them into our care. This is a difficult time for everyone involved and the owners are often heartbroken at what they have to do. Our volunteers try to make this as painless as possible and are very understanding.

Transporting Dogs

Often dogs are collected from a different part of the country to where they will be fostered which again might be some distance from where they are eventually rehomed. We often have to transport dogs across the country and rely on our network of volunteers to do this for us.

Fundraising Events

These can be anything from craft fairs to galas with the role of the volunteer being anything from planning and organising the event to helping out on the day. This is a major part of the work BWS does and a vital source of funds!! Without these fundraising events and the wonderful volunteers who organise them and help out on the day we simply wouldn’t have the funds to keep rescuing any dogs.

These are just some of the many tasks that our volunteers do; if you have a particular skill or interest, let us know – we’ll be able to find a way you can help us!! Nobody at Boxer Welfare Scotland is paid for what they do and everyone puts in their time and love purely for their love of boxers. We all do it so we can see that happy ending, knowing we have made a boxer’s life better.