Terms of Adoption

Please read fully the following Terms of Adoption before completing an application form.
  1. You agree to provide love, food, shelter and vet care, including routine vaccinations, for the lifetime of the dog. You must also provide adequate exercise.
  2. It is your responsibility to take out insurance for your dog once you have adopted. Boxer Welfare Scotland WILL NOT be held responsible for any vet fees incurred through lack of insurance.
  3. If your adopted boxer is not neutered / spayed, an appointment to have this procedure carried out MUST be made within two weeks after adoption. If you use one of our preferred vets, Boxer Welfare Scotland will be responsible for meeting the cost of this surgery. If you chose to use your own vet, Boxer Welfare Scotland will make a contribution towards the cost of this surgery on receipt of the invoice.
  4. You CANNOT, under any circumstances breed from an adopted dog. If your bitch becomes pregnant prior to being neutered then the dog and any pups must be returned to Boxer Welfare Scotland.
  5. If you can no longer care for the dog it MUST be returned immediately to Boxer Welfare Scotland’s care. You MUST NOT re-home the dog yourself or advertise it for sale.
  6. Boxer Welfare Scotland DOES NOT agree with the use of crates with their dogs. If you have a training or behavioural problem, please contact us to discuss your issues.
  7. Boxer Welfare Scotland CANNOT be held responsible for any damage caused by the dog after rehoming.
  8. You MUST NOT leave your adopted boxer alone with any young children.
  9. You MUST inform Boxer Welfare Scotland as soon as possible if your address, phone number or circumstances change.
  10. You MUST NOT allow your dog off the lead within the first SIX weeks of adoption. If you wish to discuss training issues, please contact Boxer Welfare Scotland.
  11. You MUST NOT use a choke chain, shock collar or any other pain-causing device on your dog.
  12. You MUST NOT use physical punishment on your dog. If you need advice on positive training, please contact us to discuss this.
  13. You MUST contact and register your boxer with a local vet as soon as possible following adoption. Please make sure you inform your vet that you have adopted the dog from Boxer Welfare Scotland and request that they allow us access to their vet records if required.
  14. The adoption fee is NON-REFUNDIBLE should you decide you no longer wish to keep the dog.
  15. If your dog is lost or stolen, you MUST inform Boxer Welfare Scotland immediately.
  16. You MUST allow a volunteer access to the dog, at a mutually agreed date and time, to carry out follow up checks. If you fail to do so then Boxer Welfare Scotland has the right to remove the dog from your care.
  17. If you do not follow the terms of this agreement, Boxer Welfare Scotland has the right to remove the dog from your care and cancel your adoption agreement.
Please do not complete an application form if you cannot follow or do not agree to any of our Terms of Adoption. You will be asked to sign a copy of the above agreement, should you be successful in adopting from us.